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Art and Cake-making...

We're really excited to have Emma Thorburn, Buns of Fun Bakery - Edible Art by Emma Thorburn Events, share with us how to plan the perfect cake heaven for your wedding day by combining Art and cake-making.

"The medium of the day for me is buttercream, so delicious to colour, form and create texture." Read on to find out how she works her magic.

Hi there,

I was thrilled when Jane at Little Pea Designs asked me to write a piece for her blog. I’d love to tell you about how I plan for a wedding behind the scenes.

We know the front story where boy meets girl, (or girl meets girl, boy meets boy, all-comers welcome) fall in love and get engaged. There then follows a whirlwind of Pinterest, mood boards, scanning wedding blogs and magazines or sometimes a drudge trying to get it all sorted ‘in time’ (it’s ok, sometimes it’s over whelming, we get it) there’s a lot to plan and think about. We are so lucky with our jobs in the Wedding Industry as it feels more like a vocation than a job and we are more than happy to help sort out the nitty gritty of your cake design.

The way the business has changed these past few months during Covid Season, my consultations have been online via video call, which is a great way to make contact and meet virtually. You can come with your own design ideas or let us create something with you in mind.

For us one of the pure joys, genuinely, is when looking for a fab cake maker, that you come and meet us, (virtually or personally). We talk to you about your plans and how we can help with cake planning, designing and honing the theme to blend with your look on the day. (A piece on ‘Themes’ in Your East Anglian Wedding Magazine due out soon with Buns writing as their Wedding Expert).

So, once I have met my gorgeous couples I get to work backstage, the cake and flavours are presented on canvas and immortalised as a keepsake, long after the cake is gone. One of our unique attributes is the canvas and easel, with this we can capture the flavours of your cakes in each of the tiers, inspiring thoughts of sweet morsels later in the day as well as any food specifics (gluten-free/vegan for example), this takes some of the pressure off the wedding party that those with food allergies can be assured there is a slice of cake for them later without having to ask.

Our doodles are part of the wedding cake package and are placed with the wedding cake on the day. One of our other unique parts of the set up on the day is using elements of the cake decoration, florals and greenery in the layering underneath the cake stand. This creates a ‘space’ for the cake and keeps the eye moving, in a focal point in the room. There’s no drama more depressing for me than a cake being ignored in the corner of the room.

My background is Art and Design back in Buckinghamshire, many moons ago, and my father and grandfathers, great and great-great etc before me were architects and lithographers back in the day. I think a bit of ink got in my blood, for sure! Whilst at Art College my preferred medium was acrylic and 3D which was mostly messing about with clay and throwing shapes. (Better than my shapes on the dancefloor!) Nowadays I think the medium of the day for me is buttercream, so delicious to colour, form and create texture.

I love to bring these two worlds together in Art and Cake-making, putting down the final image on canvas. A moment of posterity, from this day forward, from a day filled with love, laughter and great cake!

We hope to see you soon, however we can.


Author: Emma Thorburn, Buns of Fun Bakery

Facebook Buns of Fun Bakery : Instagram@bunsoffunemma : Contact 07932 874576

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Photography: Tatum Reid Photography

Floral arrangements: Constance Rose

Venue: Holkham Hall

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