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How can using a Wedding Planning Service help you plan an amazing wedding day!?

Emily Andrew , Emily Andrew Weddings & Events, shares her expertise on the advantages of choosing a wedding planning service to achieve your perfect wedding day.

One of the key reasons my couples book my services is because they are overwhelmed with

where to start, how much things will cost, what they need to do and how to achieve the

Pinterest-worthy look they want. For most couples they have never planned a wedding

before and considering the amount of money a wedding costs, using a professional with

experience and credentials can add to the planning journey in so many more ways. I know

there are many brides and grooms who relish the thought of planning their own wedding

and that is absolutely fine but I always say, ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know!’ Using a

wedding planner is about having an improved planning experience and to enjoy the process

from start to finish.

Over in America using a wedding planner is a necessity. Admittedly, the process works

slightly differently over there, but I think films like ‘The Wedding Planner’, with J-Lo in her

black suit and walkie talkie, give a mistaken impression of what we actually do in the UK. I

can categorically say my job is nothing like hers!

As well as controlling the overwhelm and bringing system and logic to your planning

process, the benefits that using a wedding planner will give you also extend to reducing

your stress, negotiating better deals, saving you money, giving you creative solutions and

producing a more polished day. It is really easy to get caught up in the pretty of a wedding

and before you know it you have overspent and not covered some of the more essential

items. A wedding planner can help you set a realistic budget and give you cost-saving ideas

to achieve the look you want within your price range. It is also important to have a structure

in your planning process so that you can keep focused and track your progress. Having an

expert on hand to support you means that you will find the whole process more enjoyable

and less stressful. Worrying about fitting in the 250 hours it takes to plan the average

wedding can be a daunting prospect but by using a wedding planner you will find they can

do a lot of the research, admin and leg-work so you save time and you can get excited about

the parts of your wedding which are important to you.

Tapping into an experienced wedding planner’s knowledge will also mean you don’t make

the typical mistakes many couples do when planning their wedding. Expert guidance will

lead you through the planning so at no point do you feel panicked and confused. Alongside

their wedding planning experience, a professional planner will have bags of knowledge

about suppliers. I cannot stress enough just how important it is to research your suppliers

and make sure you pick the right people for your wedding team. A wedding planner is more

than just a Google search, they will have first-hand experience of working with the

suppliers, they will have built up great relationships with them so you have the confidence

they are recommending trusted, reliable professionals who will support you and deliver

what you are paying for. I love this part of the job, getting the feedback from my clients and

suppliers that I have made a perfect ‘match’ gives me a real buzz!

If you are planning your wedding in a dry hire venue or in a marquee then as well as helping

with all the upfront planning, a wedding planner can bring everything together and manage

your actual day. If you don’t have a venue coordinator then this can be a really valuable

service. Having an experienced professional working on your behalf on your wedding day

will mean that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Choosing to work with a wedding planner is an important decision and you will find that

different planners offer slightly different services. Do your research, ask for

recommendations, look at their previous work and speak to them. Most will offer a free, no-

obligation consultation so you can chat to them about working together. It is also really,

really important that you get along and gel as a team with your wedding planner. Also, be

mindful about commission. In the wedding industry it is not uncommon for some of the

larger ticket suppliers to charge commission (venues/photographers/caterers). Personally, I

don’t believe in this and as a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners I adhere to

their strict code of conduct and do not charge this. If in doubt simply ask, they should be

transparent about it. One final point, there is no regulation of Wedding Planners, so any

person can say they are a wedding planner with no experience/certification or insurance. It

just means you need to be really thorough in your research.

Author: Emily Andrew, Emily Andrew Weddings & Events

Photography: Megan Duffield Photography

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