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You’ve dreamt of this moment your whole life…

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Creating the perfect wedding invitations and wedding day pieces is no mean feat. It takes a fair amount of involvement with your stationer to create your own, dream worthy invitations. These ones will have your names on them. It’s an amazing feeling when you first set eyes on your invitations, it gets real…you feel that tummy flip of excitement and realisation. You want to invite your VIP’s to the most amazing wedding they will ever attend. This requires kick ass stationery and it needs to be just perfect in every way. You have a dream and perfect stationery is part of it.

So, how do you go about achieving this?

Following some simple guidelines will hopefully make the process a little easier and definitely less stressful.

· Set a budget from word go, and stick to it.

· Decide what is achievable on your budget, and stick to it.

· Do your research.

· Make a mood board.

· Choose a stationer that you connect with.


I’m not sure why but we always find the subject of money a tricky one to talk about. Working out a budget for your wedding and every individual supplier you will be employing, means that you stay within your limits. It avoids any awkward situations and sets the limits from day one. Setting your budget from day one will avoid any confusion down the line when you begin to have conversations with all of your suppliers.

You also need to be realistic about what is achievable within your budget. Ask your friends what they paid for their invitations, visit stationers and discuss what is available and more importantly realistic. It may be that you have to sacrifice quantity to achieve quality. You had your eye on that stunning pocket folding card with an insert to cover everything from menus to parking to what music you’re having, wrapped in silk ribbons, gold leaf and boxed. Your budget will decide what choices are available. Stationery can still be dream worthy in its simplicity and quality.

If you can give your stationer a clear budget from the beginning it gives them something to work from. They can tailor make your pieces with your budget in mind.


Really? Yes! Do your research, look in magazines, online, attend wedding shows, touch and feel the stationery you come across. Ask questions. Gather samples. This will all help you to formulate your ideas. It will make you understand what you like and also what you don’t like. Research pricing, again this will help you to set your stationery budget and understand what you can expect. The more information you have the better as you will make more informed decisions, which means you will achieve the moment you have dreamt of all your life.

Mood Boards…

Once you have done the research and set the budget; and you know your colour scheme and the vibe you want to create for your wedding day. Make a mood board. This is super helpful, and fun, as it enables you to see your wedding day evolve before your eyes. You can see how all the elements work together which means you are in a great place to make any changes you feel need to be made.

Use fabric samples, colour swatches, table scape themes, stationery designs, cake & florals. Include all the elements of your wedding day on the same board. Then you can ask yourself the question.

Is this the moment I have dreamt of all my life?

Making connections with suppliers…

We all need to feel a connection with the people we interact with especially the suppliers you have chosen to work with you both on your wedding journey. The interaction with these people will influence how you feel about your whole journey. It’s so important that you choose people that are on your wavelength, people you connect with, that get you and your dream.

Make sure you have a stationer that listens to your ideas and works with you to achieve that end goal. It is your wedding day and you want everything to be just perfect. Make sure you always feel comfortable with the process and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure.

“Your wedding journey should be an exciting and unforgettable adventure”.

Author: Jane D’Arcy


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