Wedding Invitation Etiquette

January 2, 2016

It's always really useful to know the basics for your wedding invitation etiquette. The four most important elements in a wedding invitation are:

  • the names of the bride and the groom;

Whose name goes first is always an interesting discussion. You might find that you have a different opinion to your parents. Some believe the man should be listed first, others believe it is the son or daughter of the host family (if there is one), or you could meet in the middle and have the bride first for her family invitations and then the groom first for his family. Be sure to check with important family members first on preferences as to avoid an unnecessary confusion or hurt feelings.

  • the date, time, and location of the wedding;

I made the mistake of not being clear on my invitations and had a few guest rushing down aisle in front of me to try and get seated before I started walking. It wasn’t ideal.

If you would like the wedding to start at 4pm put the time as 3.30pm so they guest have enough to get seated before the ceremony starts. Or as an alternative to having a false start time you could say please be seated by 4pm so they know to arrive before this time to get settled. You want to avoid guest having to wait for a hour for those who did turn up with plenty of time before the ceremony commencing.

  • the date, time, and location of the reception;

Even of the reception is at the same location it will be in a different spot. So give the guest clear instructions on where to go next. Most wedding officiant will help you out with this on the day by announcing to guests what is expected of them at the conclusion of the ceremony.

  • all the necessary RSVP information.

Expect that even though you’ve added RSVP details you will inevitably have to follow up some guests.


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